„Sidewalk is a wanderer and observer, SideWalk is the energy,under which I pour out these words, lines and spots. Sidewalk is me. See you in space …” – SideWalk©

Inspirations comes from the surrounding world, people around and from inside his soul. In his art, he reminds us about things which appear to be forgotten and neglected, evoking our origin and adherence to Mother of Nature. He wants to create and educate at the same time; his philosophy of life and art are the One. He points to connections and dependence among humans, Nature and the Universe. In his mind, everything intertwines, and even the furthest borders blur and seem to be amazingly close…”

SideWalk© ( pl: Tomasz Chodnik, eng: Tom SideWalk) born on 9 August 1988 in Poznań (Poland). His parents as the architects drew a lot with a small,  would-be  artist.  Already  in  primary  school  has  been  perceived by an art teachers who infected his creative work. In high school took an extra drawing and painting lessons, which often devoted him more time than the science. In 2007 he became a student of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. After graduation (2012) travelled a lot, getting known with the Europe and yourself. He visited many galleries, e.x.  Amsterdam, London and Germany which gave him a lot of inspirations. The passion of Art he’s been developing from child, now it’s his work and the whole life. He draws and paints on everything: paper, canvas, board, glass, mirror and walls. His artworks focus mainly on the Nature and Human. It draws attention to connections between People, Nature and the Universe.

There are no good systems.There are more or less subordinated people. Nowadays nonsubordination threatens to exile, even death. The reaction to the ubiquitous system can be only our own World, created by us, for us. The World of Love and Unity, the World of Art without fear and borders… ” – SideWalk©

„Everything pasts.Things are temporary. People used to come and go away. My Art will stay with me forever…” – SideWalk©

(Paints also for commissions, including paintings, posters, portraits and murals)

Contact me♥ art@side-walk.pl, facebook.com/sidevvalk, + 48 5 1111 2003.